How to sleep with your kids in bed

How to sleep with your kids in bed

A new survey by Sleep Research Group finds that a majority of American parents say they would consider taking advantage of bed-sharing options if their kids were sleeping on their own.

The survey of 1,600 parents found that 53 percent said they would definitely or probably consider bed-share options for their children if their own child slept in a bedroom.

The survey also found that 67 percent of parents said they wouldn’t be surprised if their child slept on their couch or floor at night.

Sleep Research Group CEO Brian Lohr said the findings suggest parents are beginning to understand the benefits of bed sharing.

“A lot of parents, especially older parents, think that the bed is the best place for their kids to be,” Lohra said.

“I think we are seeing that parents are realizing that their kids will sleep better if they are in a shared bed.”

Lohra added that more than half of parents have shared a bed with their child in the past, but they do not necessarily think they would use the bed for a night out.

“The vast majority of parents are not going to want to sleep on their child’s couch or at night, but that doesn’t mean they’re not going and sleeping in a bed,” LOHra said, adding that more parents are getting into the habit of sharing their own beds.

“I think more parents realize the benefit of being in bed, and it’s also an opportunity for them to get to know their child better,” Luhra said of sharing a bed.

“This is a really interesting time for parents.

We’ve been in this space for a long time, and this is the first time we have this opportunity to really look at how parents use this and how it impacts their kids and their families.”

A number of states are allowing parents to take advantage of this new trend, including California, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

California is the only state that has enacted a law specifically allowing for bed-sharing.

Lohrar said he was surprised that California is leading the way on bed-sitting, but he believes that’s because of its proximity to major cities like Los Angeles.

“People are moving here from New York City and people are moving to California,” Lihra said about the state’s rise in bed-swapping.

“They are moving away from New Jersey, which has been a leader for a while.”

California and New York are among the most popular destinations for bed sharing, according to the survey, with almost a quarter of adults saying they had taken advantage of it.

A majority of those adults said it would be okay for their child to sleep in their bed at night if they shared a bedroom with them.

California has a strict age requirement for anyone under 18 years old to share a bedroom, which means parents can share only the bedroom with their children for the duration of the week.

New York’s age requirement is a little different, requiring that anyone over the age of 16 must be in a designated room with their parents at all times.

California also has a law that requires parents to notify the police if their children use bedsharing as a way to escape from home.

LOHr said that in California, parents can get a police report if their family member uses bedsharing for any reason other than for sleep or to escape home.

“If your child has a parent or guardian who is a police officer, you are able to file a report with the police, and that report will show that,” Lohnra said at the news conference.

“We’ve seen a lot of anecdotal evidence from parents that they would like to have a report filed.”LOHR said that parents who don’t file a police incident report could also be subject to other forms of punishment, such as being fired, having to pay a fine or have their child expelled from school.

“It could be a suspension, it could be expulsion from school, but we don’t have a clear enforcement mechanism for it,” L OHr said.


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