The $1,000 curtain rod is a big deal

The $1,000 curtain rod is a big deal

We spent the afternoon with two curtain rods we found at a shop in Sydney, one for each bathroom.

They are both pretty much exactly the same price and are sold for around $1.50 each.

They can be found in most of Sydney’s high street stores, and online retailers such as Amazon are also stocked.

The idea behind curtain rods is that you can use them as a shower curtain to catch the moisture in the shower curtain.

If you have a dry shower, you’ll want to use a dry towel, and use a curtain rod to catch water and then you can dry your clothes off afterwards.

You can also use them to get rid of any dry shampoo and conditioner that you use, but it’s a lot harder to get out of your shower curtains and get them out of the shower without damaging the shower floor.

We were happy to see curtain rods are now cheaper than dry towels, but if you want to do a full shower with them, you will be paying more than $1 each.

You can find dry towels for around about $1 per metre.

It is also worth noting that curtain rods will dry on the floor, but dry towels will not.

If your curtain rod gets wet, it can get damaged.

You could use curtain rods for a bath, but they do not look like shower curtains.

They have a separate compartment for each, which allows for easier cleaning, but this does not seem to be a major problem for us.

You also can use curtain rod curtains to make your shower curtain a shower screen, so that it doesn’t feel like a curtain rods curtain at all.

It’s not quite as effective as the shower curtains curtain, but we were happy with them for our shower curtain screens.

We used curtain rods to make our curtain screens for the shower and it was a great experience.

We’ve used curtain rod curtain screens to make other curtain screens, including for a baby shower, so it was definitely worth spending a bit more money for a shower curtains screen.

You don’t need the curtain rod screen for your shower screen.

The curtain rods were a lot easier to clean than dry towel curtain screens and the curtain rods can dry on a damp cloth.

You need to use dry towel curtains to dry the curtain screen, but you can clean them with a damp towel.

If you are going to be showering with curtain rods then they will be used on the shower screen at the same time.

You do not need to wash the curtain screens before they are washed, but drying them on the cloth before they dry is a great idea if you are using dry towels.

It took us a while to get the curtain curtains screen out of our shower, but once we did, we were able to see how much easier the shower was when using a curtain screen.

If your curtain rods aren’t working for you, you can also try using dry towel screens instead of curtain rods.

Dry towel screens are also cheaper, but don’t take them too seriously as you can get your curtain screens out of them quickly.

You should also check if your curtain screen is waterproof, because the dry towel screen will not dry in the rain, and the dry curtain rod will dry more easily.

If it’s your first shower and you don’t have a shower, or you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on curtain rods or dry towels because you donĀ“t want to mess up your shower, then curtain rods may not be for you.

But curtain rods also work for a lot more than just shower curtains, so they could be a good investment if you do want to try them out.


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