Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘Bologna will be a place where everything can go wrong’

Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘Bologna will be a place where everything can go wrong’

Bologna, Italy’s capital city, is a place that’s always been a city for the spectacular, for the exotic, for extraordinary things to happen.

But the city also has an extremely dark past.

Bolognesse has been at the centre of several wars, with the city’s last king being assassinated.

Now it is a city that’s all about fear.

The city is now home to a huge number of tourists, most of them from Europe, and with a huge population of 1.6 million people, its population is a lot bigger than any other European city.

There are a number of ways that this can have an impact on the lives of those in the city.

For the past two decades, Bolognese have lived in fear of an increasingly violent situation that’s been caused by a number the gangs.

The gangs are involved in the murder of dozens of people.

It’s estimated that more than 20,000 people have been killed.

Many of the victims were shot in the head or decapitated.

The violence is often seen as linked to the fact that the gangs are linked to drug trafficking, and they’re the ones who use the most violence.

There are a lot of different gangs in the Bolognas house, the Barca gang, the Ponte della Terre, the Ghettos, the Gangs of Rome, and the Cosa Nostra.

It is the Boca de Novembre and the Ghetto.

The number of murders is very high in the ghetto, with one of the largest gangs, the La Cosa, having a huge presence in the area.

The Barca gangs have been involved in a lot more serious crimes than the La Casa and the Barcas.

But there have been some pretty good moments as well, with two men killed in a car crash.

The Ponte del Cosa and the Gang of Rome are both involved in drugs trafficking, but they are also linked to organised crime.

The Ghetto gang is a criminal organisation, with people selling weapons and drugs.

The Ghetto is a gang involved in illegal gambling and money laundering, with some members going to prison for crimes that include murder.

There have been several assassinations.

Some of the murders were caught on CCTV cameras, and a couple of people have already been tried.

Some people have also been killed in the streets, including in front of their homes.

The situation is very complicated, with gangs using violence against their own people.

There’s also a lot at stake for the city, which is worth the risk for tourists, for its cultural heritage, for jobs, and for people in the local community.

A lot of the people who come to Bolognis house to visit are tourists, and you’ll see the number of people who have gone to Boca to see the world, but also those who are residents.

For them, the city has always been this place where they can go anywhere.

The history of the Bocas is a very complex one, and we have to think about how the city is going to be able to move forward, and not just be a centre of violence.

In the past, Boca has been the city that was the centre for crime in Italy, and today it has become a centre for tourism.

But Boca’s history is complicated and there are a few things that we have no control over, and therefore we need to take a step back and understand how this happened.

If we go back to when we were in Bologno, the town was called La Giustina, the name of the city where the war was fought, and it was the only place in Italy that was able to have a large number of soldiers.

We’ve got to remember that in that time, there were a lot people who wanted to go to war in Bocoa.

They wanted to see Boca.

In some ways, this history of violence is a part of the history of modern Italy.

The violence that took place there has been around since the beginning of the 20th century.

It started with the assassination of King Louis XV in 1797.

The last king was killed in 1815.

Then it ended with the Franco regime, when the dictator Franco took power.

Then there were wars, and then the Cold War.

Then came the economic crisis of the late 1980s.

This all led to the rise of a very violent criminal organisation called the Barcassos, which was involved in many of the crimes that we’re talking about.

The Bocias have been linked to a very large amount of violent crime in the region, including the gang wars that took part in the 20s and early 30s.

There have been various incidents in the past where they’ve been linked with crimes that are very, very violent, but in the same time, the number and the intensity of these violent crimes are actually down in recent years


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