Why the Chinese are always asking, ‘Are you married?’

Why the Chinese are always asking, ‘Are you married?’

There are two things that keep Chinese women at home: They don’t like being asked and they don’t want to look too much like their parents. 

“It’s really the old wives’ tale, that if you don’t look like your parents, you won’t get married,” says Jia Li, an economics professor at Shanghai Normal University. 

But for women who grew up with Chinese parents, the issue is different. 

They don’t have the same worries. 

Many of the women interviewed by Fortune said that their parents were still the most important people in their lives and that their husbands are still their fathers. 

This means they don`t mind a little bit if they`re married, but they don t mind the long-term relationship. 

Li says she often sees a man with a wife who was born and raised in China, and he has no problem with it. 

He is proud of her for her accomplishments and his achievements in life, she said. 

In China, where most men are either married or in the military, the idea of marrying outside the country is taboo. 

The traditional culture says that women must stay home and not even come out to socialize, so many Chinese men think they are doing a good thing by taking care of the family. 

One of the most common reasons why women in China don` t marry is that they dont want to be seen as brides. 

When I asked about why, Li says, “Women don`T want to get married in China.

They are scared that if they marry outside the nation, their families would judge them.

So it`s not a good idea.” 

Li is not the only one to express this sentiment. 

A recent survey by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences found that 60% of the Chinese women surveyed would never marry outside of China if they were asked, so it is not surprising that a majority of the surveyed women would want to keep the relationship going for as long as possible. 

Some of the other reasons why a woman would want a long-lasting relationship are because she wants to have children, because she feels that it will be beneficial to her career, or because she just wants to be close to her parents.

According to a survey by China’s National Bureau of Statistics, nearly half of the adult women in the country are married. 

According to the Pew Research Center, the number of Chinese men married has increased by over 2 million since 2000, and by some estimates the number of married Chinese men has nearly doubled since 2008. 

China is not alone in this phenomenon. 

Several countries are experiencing an increase in the number and the number who are married and are not living in the traditional Chinese lifestyle. 

More than a third of the people surveyed in the United States in 2011 reported that they had at least one partner outside the family, according to a national survey by Gallup. 

Also in the US, only 29% of people surveyed said they were married, according the survey. 

There are several reasons for this. 

First, in China people generally consider marriage a last resort, a last act of desperation. 

It is a time of mourning, a time when families must prepare for the future. 

Even in the most prosperous nations, people still have the desire to get engaged and marry. 

As a result, many couples have the need to find someone who is willing to take the risk. 

If they want to stay together, there is a chance that the person they are looking for will not be willing to commit to them. 

Second, there are other cultural reasons for women not wanting to marry.

Some women, like Li, want to avoid the idea that their partner will divorce them.

The main reason, according a survey conducted by the Pew Center, is that Chinese women tend to want a man who will accept them for who they are, even if they have never been married.

“If a man accepts me, I can accept him,” Li said.

“But if he rejects me, what can I do?

I don`nt want to lose my husband.” 

It might sound like a good story, but it is also a very difficult thing to do in China right now. 

Only about 20% of Chinese women have ever been married and only about 5% of men have ever had a partner outside of the marriage. 

To date, China has a population of approximately 7.3 billion people, which means there are roughly 1.5 billion people who have ever married, many of whom have been divorced. 

Of those who have married, only about 25% have ever left the home. 

Despite the many reasons why some women don`tt want to marry outside their country, some women do not feel like they have any choice but to stay with their parents and stay with them for as much time


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