How to turn your kitchen into a cozy little home studio

How to turn your kitchen into a cozy little home studio

I know, it seems like a simple task, but what if you need to turn a home into a studio or bedroom?

That’s exactly what I did in my kitchen for the past couple of years.

The beauty of my kitchen was that I had everything set up in such a way that I could customize it however I needed to, such as a space for a wine cabinet, a dining room or a space to store a coffee table. 

I also wanted to turn my living room into a creative space, so I built a new couch that would be perfect for sitting down, or maybe a wall that would serve as a place to organize my art collection or bookshelves.

I have a passion for decorating, so for the last several years I have been living with my husband and three children in a home that was in need of some attention.

I wanted to do something that would really complement my decorating style. 

After looking for a space that I would feel comfortable living in for a few months, I stumbled upon this studio and my first inspiration was to use my own reclaimed wood and reclaimed cabinets to decorate my kitchen.

I was very happy with the result, but as I looked for an easier way to turn the kitchen into something that could also be an art space, I decided to put together a simple and effective DIY DIY project to make it happen. 

Materials needed:Wood or reclaimed cabinet, reclaimed wood or reclaimed cabinets, reclaimed glass, reclaimed paint, reclaimed flooring, reclaimed furniture, reclaimed shelving, reclaimed wall paint, recycled vinyl, reclaimed metal, reclaimed carpet, reclaimed fabric, reclaimed foam, reclaimed paper, reclaimed plastic, reclaimed glue, reclaimed nail polish, and reclaimed wood screws.

Tools needed:Hot glue gun, drywall stripper, sandpaper, wood glue, dryer, paintbrush, spray bottle, spray gun, and masking tape. 

Here is how I turned the kitchen space into a space with a DIY project:Step 1: Determine what you want to turn it into.

This is where I decided I wanted a place where I could sit down and create my artwork.

So I used this simple piece of reclaimed wood that I found in my local craft store.

I had also found a small metal chair that I wanted something a little bit larger for my living area. 

The reclaimed wood in the house had been reclaimed by the same company that had reclaimed my furniture. 

Step 2: Deterge what you’re going to use to decoratively decorate your kitchen. 

This is the first step, so you need something that can be used for many different purposes.

I chose reclaimed cabinets for the kitchen because they are the easiest to use and also because they have a very strong wood grain that is easy to hold together and clean.

I also wanted reclaimed glass for my art storage and for a small living room. 

For the walls, I chose a reclaimed reclaimed carpet for a nice rustic look, and for the flooring I chose stained glass for a rustic effect.

For the shelving and flooring pieces, I used reclaimed metal.

I found a large piece of vinyl that I needed in the living room to hold the shelves in place.

I then added a few pieces of reclaimed foam and some reclaimed plastic to create the walls and ceiling. 

Once the floor and walls were finished, I added some scrap plywood to add more durability and make the floor look like a living room wall. 

 Step 3: Create a project plan for your kitchen!

The next step was to figure out what kind of DIY project I wanted for the space.

My plan was to make the cabinets, floor and wall.

The cabinets were to be made of reclaimed plywood and reclaimed glass. 

When the reclaimed wood was cut down and stained in color, I started on the floor.

I cut out a number of shelves to fit my artwork, and then cut out an extra pair of shelves for my bookshelve.

I painted my wall using reclaimed glass and reclaimed foam. 

My shelves and bookshelvles are then covered in reclaimed ply and reclaimed plastic. 

Finally, I made the shelf and floor with reclaimed foam to create a finished wall and ceiling piece. 

And here is what it looks like once it is finished:Step 4: Cut and sand the wood. 

With the reclaimed glass in place, I then went back to my cabinet to cut the reclaimed ply from the reclaimed foam in the previous step. 

Before sanding, I also used a hot glue gun to sand down the reclaimed metal on the walls.

This gave me a good sanding surface. 

If you are unsure of how to do this, be sure to take a look at this video tutorial. 

To create the reclaimed plastic and reclaimed ply pieces, you can use the same method you used to create your shelves. 

Now that you have your reclaimed wood, I had a few options for the metal pieces.

I went with reclaimed


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